Kelly Overly
Birth & Postpartum Doula

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Kelly is easy to talk to, attentive, great with the whole family, kind hearted, and perfect for this work.”
— Janeika
Having Kelly Overly by my side changed my life. If you need a doula this beautiful human is top notch! Inside and out she cares about you and your baby.
— Serentity
I seriously could not have asked for a better cheerleader & coach! With Kelly’s help, I was able to give birth to my daughter 4.5 hours after being admitted to the hospital without any interventions or the use of drugs.  Once home with the baby, she visited us (with coffee!) and even offered us some newborn sized diapers.  I really feel like she went above and beyond to meet our needs and make us feel supported. I will definitely use Kelly’s services with my next pregnancy!
— Janet
After talking with Kelly, I knew immediately from her calm, assuring presence that I wanted her at our birth. It was so comforting to know that there was someone in the room at all times who was 100%+ in service of me!”
— Amy


As humans, we have biology on our side, the innate abilities each birthing parent possesses provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to nurture and grow human life. This amazing ability is a source of strength for the birthing person. I believe that each time a new life comes into the world, the birthing person can draw upon this fundamental strength and knowledge to help guide the birth process.

There are moments in life that connect us to each other in ways we could have never imagined. The intersections of woman to mother, of man to father, of individuals forming families, of science and nature, these are the moments that can seem both miraculous while mundane and then somehow, blend into one and other seamlessly. Birth is possibly one of the greatest of these intersections. Within these amazing intersections, great change occurs, and not only is a child birthed, but so too, is a parent.

As a doula, I support these intersections where new life is brought into the world and family grows. I believe in the power of the birthing person and feel called to be of service and support during a time of great vulnerability and strength. I seek to help create a birth experience that feels safe, supported, empowered and loving for everyone involved in the birth story.

I help the birthing person through knowledge of natural pain coping techniques, labor positioning and comfort massage. I believe the power of feeling in control of one’s body and of one’s desires during the birth experience can greatly enhance the enjoyment felt surrounding birth - this drives me to help clients become their own best advocates. I believe that even the smallest of voices should be heard and respected as if they were the loudest of roars and one of my goals is that clients are heard throughout their birth experiences. This story belongs to you, the birthing family, and I would be honored to assist you in the specific ways you need to navigate this incredible time in your life.

My background

I worked in the Oregon and Washington wine industry for many years before I felt a calling to be of service to families during a time of incredible growth. On my path to becoming a midwife, I was delighted to find my home in doula work. I trained as a Birth and Postpartum Doula through Mother Tree Doula Services in Portland, Oregon where I now serve as a mentor to other aspiring doulas. I volunteer as a Labor Doula for the Gateway Doula Project at Providence Hospital and am the Administrative Director for PDX Doulas at OHSU where I'm also a mentor to new doulas. I am a certified Birth Doula through DONA International and a registered Traditional Health Worker for Oregon State. I live in NE Portland with my partner, Matt, our sweet old cat Roarie and our adorable French Bulldog, Duckie. When I'm not busy supporting birth and new families, I enjoy cooking, jazz, finding new teas to try, shopping for vintage dresses, working on my goth garden and dancing around the house to bad pop music.

Our partnership model

I work in partnership with Crystal Broer and together we have attended well over a hundred births and bring you six years of labor and birth experience. We love the model of partnership because of of all of the benefits we see our clients receiving from it - seeing two doulas for prenatal visits, having access to both of us for phone, email and text support for the duration of pregnancy and knowing that if your labor goes for a long time and you would benefit from a fresh doula, you’d already have a relationship with her. We also love that we each bring our unique experiences and knowledge to support you in this transitional time of life. You’re basically getting two doulas for the price of one!    


- DONA Certified Birth Doula
- Oregon State Traditional Health Worker
- DONA-approved Birth Doula Training with Mother Tree Birth Services
- DONA-approved Postpartum Doula Training with Mother Tree Birth Services
- Birth Doula 6-month Internship with Mother Tree Birth Services
- ICEA-approved Childbirth Educator Training with Portland Doula Love
- HypnoBirthing with Kadie Barber HBCE, CD(DONA)
- Culturally Competent Care Training with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
- Collaborative Practice and Professionalism Training with PDX Doulas
- Spinning Babies Training with Tammy Ryan, AvdCD/BDT(DONA), SpBT
- Trauma Informed Care with Mandy Davis Ph.D., LCSW
- The Impact of Stress on the Developing Fetus with Sherri Alderman, MD, MPH, IMH-E
- Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Men and Non-Birth Partners with Sam Stevens, MS, LMFT
- Gender Diversity in Health Care with Amy Penkin, LCSW
- Bridging Theories of Grief with Judith L.M. McCoyd Ph.D., QCSW, LCSW
- Adult and Pediatric CPR/First Aid/AED Certification
- Advanced Massage and Acupressure Training for Doulas with Jennie King, LAc, LMT
- Basics of Lactation Management for Doulas
- AAAS Enology and Viticulture


Birth Doula Fee:  $1400 (sliding scale for those who need it, please ask)

Postpartum rate:
Day: $35/hour (3 hour minimum)
Night : $37/hour (8 hour minimum)


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"We loved working with Kelly! She provided excellent support before, during and after the birth of our first baby. She has a straightforward, thoughtful, and evidence-based approach that always felt genuine and like it was guiding us towards the right decision for our family, never prescribing or telling us what to do. We are so happy she was part of our first birth experience."
- Leora, May 2018

"I chose Kelly to be my doula for my first child when she was still a student and I couldn’t be happier about my choice! She was more than happy to answer any and all of my interview questions and quickly assuaged all of my fears. I was alone throughout my entire pregnancy and delivery but with the help of my family and Kelly I never ever felt like it. Kelly was confident and comforting throughout the entire process and she always made me feel safe. She asked me what I needed and did everything in her power to help me get it. My birth didn’t go to 'plan' but Kelly never missed a beat and was prepared for everything. She didn’t mind when I told her I wanted to hold my moms hand instead, she understood. Kelly was not only there for me, she was there for all of my family and friends and got along so well with everyone, she fit in flawlessly. I can without a doubt say that I would not have had the same delivery without Kelly, she really got me through it when I thought I could never pull it off. So when my sister got pregnant a few months later and Kelly offered to be her doula as well we were all filled with joy! She really had become a part of our family and you would be lucky to have her be a part of your experience too.  We love you, Kelly!!"
- Robin, May 2018

"We weren't sure about whether to hire a doula for the birth of our second child, although we had a wonderful doula experience with our first. We thought: we got this, right? But after talking with Kelly, I knew immediately from her calm, assuring presence that I wanted her at our birth. As we prepared, Kelly was responsive and encouraging, always showing up relaxed but confident. She was particularly good at helping us figure out - based on our personalities and relationship - the best approaches to keep everyone as calm as possible during labor. In the final days before birth she offered careful, tailored support to guide baby into a more optimal position. When our birth plans didn't go quite as expected, she was there immediately - from settling us into the hospital room, guiding us in gathering more information about induction, and of course, helping to create a sense of peace during the entire experience. Looking back, it was so comforting to know that there was someone in the room at all times who was 100%+ in service of me. There is no doubt that this sense of support and calmness contributed to the smooth birth experience we had. I would never have another baby without a doula, and I would choose Kelly again in a second if we were to do it again! No doula (or anyone!) can guarantee you'll have the birth you 100% expected, but Kelly can certainly help you to be more flexible, more prepared and more relaxed throughout every step. Thank you Kelly!"
- Amy, February 2018

"Kelly was great during my wife's pregnancy. She helped prepare us for birth and postpartum with a straightforward, evidence-based approach. It was extremely helpful to have her there during the birth. It allowed me to be more effective as a birth partner, and provided another layer of support for my wife. I highly recommend Kelly for anyone considering working with her."
- Aaron, February 2018

"My birthing experience was not an easy one and having Kelly Overly by my side changed my life. Kelly and I only made contact hours before the birth of my daughter, yet I could tell immediately she was the doula for me. She was genuine, caring and supportive the entire journey. Kelly came as soon as I needed her, which was literally in the middle of the night. After 24 hours of them inducing me, I ended up needing a c-section. Scared to death of the process Kelly made it seem doable. She held my hand and made sure I was ok during the process. Half way through the c-section my anesthesia wore off and if not for Kelly they wouldn't have known I needed more. I was able to remain calm and centered through the birth and she waited with me after as I recovered. Not only was she there during the birth but she went above and beyond to help me after. Kelly even adopted my dog until I was able to have her again. New to the area, and having a new home Kelly generously gave me furniture and dishes. There isn't enough room in this comment section to express how amazing Kelly is. If you need a doula this beautiful human is top notch! Inside and out she cares about you and your baby. Thank you Kelly for everything, not a day goes by that I don't remember how you changed our lives and showed us genuine kindness."
- Serenity, December 2017

"Kelly took us on as clients (pro bono) while finishing up her doula training.  She was very easy to work with right off the bat! Kelly has a wonderful smile, is warm, friendly, and deeply caring.  We met with her several times before the birth, and she was extremely helpful in providing information and resources, answering questions, and preparing us for the labor we wanted.  I could not imagine what labor/delivery would have been like without her?!  She was always quick to reply to my calls/texts, and was promptly at the hospital after calling her at 2:00am.  When in labor, Kelly respected the wishes of my natural birth plan.  She suggested many helpful labor positions, gently talked me through each contraction, and even "lit" fake candles to help me relax as much as possible.  I seriously could not have asked for a better cheerleader & coach!  Both my husband and Mother even commented on how helpful it was having her to explain what was going on, what to expect, and how best to support me.  With Kelly's help, I was able to give birth to my daughter 4.5 hours after being admitted to the hospital without any interventions or the use of drugs.  Once home with the baby, she visited us (with coffee!) and even offered us some newborn sized diapers.  I really feel like she went above and beyond to meet our needs and make us feel supported. I will definitely use Kelly's services with my next pregnancy!"
- Janet, November 2017

"Prior to this labor, my husband and I were on the fence about having a doula at our birth. The idea of a random person we did not know at the birth of our child seemed intimidating and we just weren't sure if we "needed" a doula. We read everything we could find about labor and childbirth, but then my labor was unlike anything my husband and I ever expected. A last minute change of hospital, my slow dilation, and the level of pain I experienced were all things we did not anticipate. Kelly was, without a doubt, an absolutely essential part of the birth of our son, Elliot. Kelly's professional, gentle, and kind demeanor put us at ease the moment we met her. At our prenatal appointments she gave us tools to prepare for the labor and asked us good questions to ensure that our birth desires were clear for the delivery team. Leading up to the birth she was attentive and always available. On the night I went into labor she arrived promptly with coffee in hand and stuck by my side for the next 36 hours. She reheated my heat pad regularly, massaged my back, caressed my legs, brought me water, recommended productive positions to labor in, and reminded me to pause and consider my options before increasing interventions. She offered respite to my husband, reminded and allowed him to take care of himself, and guided both of us in labor breathing and pushing exercises. Kelly proved to be invaluable after the birth of our son as well. She was available to help us with anything we needed postpartum. She discussed our birth story with us at length and helped us to reconstruct the events and process some of the more challenging moments. Having Kelly by my side gave me confidence that I was doing everything that could be done to make labor easier and more effective. She took care of me and my husband with incredible skill, grace, and tirelessness. I cannot recommend Kelly more and know that she will be invaluable to any birth experience."
- Amy, November 2017

"Used every minute of her time to be helpful! Provided resources for us to get ourselves back into a state of positive momentum. Our baby and 2.5 yo loved every minute with Kelly. We couldn't have had such success without her help as she provided services such as light-cleaning, grocery pickups, counseling, helping to schedule other doulas, feeding both our newborn and our 2.5 yo, she even went on a trip with us to the coast for the day so my wife and I could have time alone together. What an excellent use of our trust and money, we feel very fortunate to have had Kelly with us through the last two months."
- Grant, September 2017

"Kelly was the perfect doula for our family. She helped my partner feel at ease and our 3 year old was absolutely in love with her. I felt like I had forgotten everything about the whole birth process since having our first, and Kelly was incredibly prepared with getting to know all of us and creating a birth plan that was flexible, yet kept elements that would keep me comfortable during the birth. For anything I had questions about, she was so knowledgeable, and helped us find resources for placenta encapsulation, support groups, and more. I remember the day (night) of the birth as relaxed, and though it didn't go as I had hoped, we had already talked about possible outcomes, we had plenty of time to calmly discuss alternatives, and I felt informed and not rushed in the decision making process. Kelly helped talk out the decisions with us and I can't thank her enough for the support that day. I had quite the emotional roller coaster for a bit after the birth, and as postpartum support Kelly just knew when to reach out to me, when I usually avoid contacting people in dark times. I really can't say enough good things about how she helped our family through this time of welcoming our second child. She is easy to talk to, attentive, great with the whole family, kind hearted, and perfect for this work."
- Jenieka, September 2017