She always managed to find the right words. Helping me refocus during moments when it became intense. She is SO gifted with her hands and I found tremendous relief from the massage techniques she used throughout labor.
— Conor & Nora
Portland Doula Collective Brave Birth Jennifer Lunceford, massage therapist, sibling support doula

Jennifer Lunceford
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Massage Therapist
Placenta Services
Sibling Support Doula

(503) 875-7818

Most significantly she provided a sense of calm and reassurance in what might have otherwise been the most anxious moments of the birthing process.
— Jess


As your Doula I am passionate about providing your family with educated, unconditional support during pregnancy, birth and the intimate postpartum period. Having had the honor of caring for birthing families in my community since 2003 I bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to each client's unique experience. I rely heavily on a practiced intuition and draw knowledge from the 400 births I’ve attended. I strive to understand what YOUR needs for support are. I can help your family find the questions that help you make your most informed and confident decisions.

I am also driven as a Massage Therapist to unlock and ease the physical demands of pregnancy through body work. Tapping into that relaxation through touch during labor can drastically reduce tension and anxiety helping you have a more comfortable birth. I love to guide partners in providing effective comfort techniques so they feel they can provide rockstar care and stay connected to their birthing loved one.

I believe the care and support a family receives during their birthing journey can empower them throughout the challenges and joys of parenting. When we make well informed, educated choices we can be more confident in ourselves as partners, parents and community members. My focus is on how you can have the best birthing experience. In order to do that create space for relationship and to learn your birthing preferences.

I provide a multitude of labor and birthing position suggestions, deep breathing and comfort techniques as well as touch to ease and relax you as you prepare to meet your babe. My objective as your Doula is that you have the most positive and rewarding birthing experience.  

When I am not supporting families you can find me in my garden, tending our bees or playing in nature (usually in a river).

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Birth Doula: $1600
Postpartum Doula:  day $37/hour (4 hour minimum)
                                         night $35/hour (8 hour minimum)
Massage Services:

Sibling Support Doula:

Placenta Services:


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“Jennifer was wonderful during our birth, providing tremendous support to both myself and my husband. I used hypnobirthing for my unmedicated birth and she did a great job to hold the calmness of the space while the medical professionals did what they needed to do. She also helped advocate for my birth plan when needed. My second child is due in late May and we've hired her to support us again this time around.”

— Adrienne

“My husband and I recently worked with Jennifer as a Birth Doula and could not recommend her more highly. I work in medicine and when I became pregnant I found that though I knew a fair amount about obstetrics I knew very little about birthing, and we wanted someone to help guide us. We were impressed by her professionalism, warmth, and calm, reassuring nature. In our discussions with her during my pregnancy she helped us delve into our expectations, hopes, and fears about birth in a way that calmed me and helped me mentally prepare myself for labor. When I did go into labor, she talked us through the early stages and arrived at our home as soon as active labor began (arriving quickly despite unexpected car troubles). Jennifer helped guide me through the increasingly painful contractions, offering reassurance and very therapeutic touch. Her presence allowed me to focus and retreat into myself in a way that I do not think would have been possible without her help.”

— Conor & Nora

“Practical matters that might have been stress-increasing distractions (how many minutes has it been since the last contraction? Do we need to go to the hospital now?) as well as bigger issues (my partner seems exhausted, how can I support him in the midst of this?) were immeasurably easier to deal with given Jennifer’s support. But most significantly she provided a sense of calm and reassurance in what might have otherwise been the most anxious moments of the birthing process. She always managed to find the right words to help me refocus during the moments when the pain was intense. She is also gifted with her hands and I found tremendous pain relief from the massage techniques she used throughout labor. In the end, I found that labor was a quicker and far more tranquil experience than I had expected, and I was pleased to deliver my daughter without need of any pain medications. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to a friend looking for a Doula in the Portland area.”

– Jess

“When I first met Jennifer, I was struck by her kind and focused professionalism.  It’s clear that she’s called to the work of helping families through the big and rapid transition of birth.  She’s great at it! Jennifer helped us to envision what our birth would be like and take steps toward drawing that energy to that space and time.  She was tireless in her support of both Nico and I in our home and at the hospital.  Clearly known and respected by hospital staff, she helped us to make our space feel comfortable and put our wants and needs first inside the room.  It was such an advantage to have a Pro on our team. I learned about selflessness by watching her and working with her to support Nico through a long first labor, and confusing birth.  As a new Dad, it was a critical lesson in remaining patient and supportive through fatigue and emotion. Jennifer is acutely aware of the stages of birth and techniques for reducing pain and encouraging mothers, fathers, or newborns. You can count on her to be alert in the middle of the second, long night and tuned-in to supporting you as humans, not simply “clients.” She’s rock solid. We could not give a stronger recommendation for her work as a birth doula.”