Family Bonding Series

Our three part Family Bonding Series creates space for you and your partner to embark on this journey together. We hold them at 5pm on the first Sunday of each month.

They are also an opportunity to spend additional face-time with your doula, connect with other expecting parents, meet the back-up doula community, ask all the questions you have to an experienced room of professional birth workers.

The cost for each class in this series $25. As a Brave Birth Family you are entitled to two complimentary classes in this series. Payment is due with check/cash to the instructor the evening of the class. 

1. Connection for Labor & Birth with Barb Buckner-Suarez

  • Identify your partner’s coping style

  • Practice communicating your needs

  • Deepen your relationship

    2. Postpartum Planning with Tasha Clothier & Kelly Overly
    We spend so much time planning for the “big day” that we often overlook what comes next - the postpartum period! It is not just about a new baby! In this section of our Family Bonding Series, you’ll learn how to plan for your new little one as well as how to plan your own, much needed, self care. Your recovery from being pregnant and giving birth, no matter how you do it, is essential to the health and wellness of your family.  

    3. The First 7 Days: Infant Feeding with Ashley Treadwell
    What to expect in the first seven days after birth:

  • How to get breast/chest-feeding off to a good start

  • How to know if your baby is getting enough

  • When and how your milk will come in

  • Positioning for feeding

  • When to seek additional support

Check out our Calendar to see when the next class is scheduled!

Parent Circles

Once you've given birth, we welcome you with open arms into our complimentary Parent Circles, which meet weekly at 10am on Monday mornings. These Circles are casual, judgement-free gatherings in which multitasking is the norm. Over cups of coffee and morning snacks, parents are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, changing diapers, exchanging information and resources. The conversations are facilitated by our knowledgable postpartum doulas. A Lactation Consultant is also present to assist with basic breastfeeding support and provide weight checks for your baby. During the tender postpartum, we offer a soft place for you to land.

Check out our Calendar to see when Circle is scheduled!

Wrap-Around Care

While your Brave Birth doula provides the one-to-one personalized care for your family that is second to none, they also offer additional points of connection, resources, information, and community building in a group format. Since Brave Birth aims to provide wrap-around care throughout the entire childbearing year, we created complimentary Parent Circles for our Brave Birth families and it has quickly become one of our most popular offerings.


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