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Birth Doula,
Brave Birth Leadership Team

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With Rebecca at our side, we always felt prepared. When things came up, we knew we could rely on her to help us with experienced guidance and research.
— Tara, Patrick & Baby Hazel
...her presence allowed me to focus more intently on directly supporting my wife and remaining engaged with her as she pushed our baby out with no meds.
— Raquel, Mike & Baby Issac
We can honestly say that the birth of our beautiful baby boy was a magical, intense, and perfect memory that we will forever cherish and Rebecca was a huge part of it.
— Whitney, Steven and baby Aiden


The joy I find in supporting parents like you through the journeys of pregnancy and parenthood is unparalleled.

Since 2010 I have lived and breathed pregnancy and birth, as a certified doula, childbirth educator, prenatal yoga teacher, and placenta specialist. I’ve been honored to provide doula services to over 200 families. I have advanced training in everything from Spinning Babies optimal fetal positioning and labor massage to trauma informed care, homeopathy and acupressure. I am committed to increasing the professionalism and effectiveness of doula care through training students, as a Co-Lead of the Mother Tree Doula Internship program. 

The most empowering event of my life was the birth of my first child. The support and confidence we received from our amazing midwives and doula, the education we received in our childbirth classes, and the work we put into preparing for our baby's birth ignited in me a passion for pregnancy and childbirth that cannot be extinguished.

As your certified doula, I am honored to help you build and grow the strength, confidence and joy available to you through your birth experience. As your childbirth educator, my goals are to help you get the tools you need to make informed decisions (prenatally and during labor and birth) and to find ease and empowerment in your birth journey.  As your placenta specialist, I am honored to support your postpartum period through the ancient art of placenta processing. 

I work in partnership with another doula and we welcome clients of all backgrounds, diversities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and family structures.


I work in a doula partnership with Brooke Noli and together we have attended over 800 births and bring 25 years of birth experience to share with our clients. Hiring one doula means hiring both of us and receiving the benefits of a doula team, which includes drawing from each of our extensive knowledge bases, knowing that if one doula is away the other doula is still available, and having the reassurance that a fresh doula is available if your labor lasts a while and your other doula starts getting fatigued. You basically get two doulas for the price of one, and our clients love the continuity of care that this model ensures.


  • We believe in honoring the labor and birth experience as a transformative life event.

  • We believe there are as many ways to give birth as there are women in the world, and that a doula’s role is to encourage and unfold your distinct birthing style while offering complimentary suggestions and information.

  • We believe it’s a doula’s job to support and encourage the couple’s relationship before, during, and after the birth process so that their entry into parenthood is accompanied by a sense of teamwork and success.

  • We believe that every family is unique, and that a doula needs to understand and respect your family’s beliefs, preferences, communication styles, and coping techniques in order to provide you with the individualized care you deserve.

  • We believe that birth’s journey can sometimes be unpredictable and mysterious, and that a sense of openness, flexibility, and reverence may be needed.

  • We believe in informed consent and offer parents balanced information about the risks and benefits of procedures so that they can make well-informed decisions about what’s right for them.

  • We believe that all families deserve the additional support of a caring and knowledgeable birth doula, who will help them navigate the experience of labor and birth with greater ease and confidence.


Birth Doula Fee:  $1800 - $2100 (sliding scale)

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"My husband and I agree that hiring Rebecca and Brooke as our doulas was the best decision we made during my pregnancy. Rebecca and Brooke are experts in the field, tremendously kind, supportive, accommodating, and skilled. Having successfully guided so many births, nothing surprises them, and the experience and wisdom they are able to impart as a result helped us prepare long before the big day of. In addition to being awesome doulas, they are well connected to other skilled and trusted birth practitioners in the community, which made it easy to manage other aspects of birth and early childcare as they came up (e.g., maternity acupuncture/massage/chiropractic work, lactation consultants, etc.). The day of our daughter's birth, Rebecca was on-call, and from start to finish she was amazing. I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I hoped for and cannot imagine having gone through that experience without her support. She helped us through home labor, and once at the hospital, she acted as a advocate for our birth plan, a liaison with our family and the medical staff, and most importantly, knew exactly how to support me and help me progress through all stages of labor. Her steady, calm demeanor helped us stay centered and assured as the process became more intense, and helped give me the faith and confidence to make it through labor. We know we would have gotten the same love and support from Brooke too had she been on call that day. We can't recommend these two ladies more highly." 

- Meghan, Tim & baby Emerson

"We were in the very best of hands! Rebecca and Brooke gave us so much confidence and peace of mind before, during, and after our boy's birth that I truly can't imagine doing it any other way! Finding them was the greatest gift to our family." 

- Mollie, Maury & baby Callen

"We cannot recommend Rebecca & Brooke highly enough. The made us feel so much more relaxed and comfortable before giving birth to our first child. During the process, Rebecca helped us remember all the things we cared about that otherwise would have been lost in the chaos of the moment. She held the space, helping us feel centered and grounded. Prenatally, they both always provided well-researched information to help us make decisions, as well as space for open, non-judgmental dialogue. We hope to have them with us for our next child!" 

- Anna, Barrett & baby Oliver

"With Rebecca at our side, we always felt prepared.  When things came up, we knew we could rely on her to help us with experienced guidance and research. Even when things veered as far as possible from our birth plan, Rebecca helped us in ways that we never expected, especially in extraordinary ways that were beyond what she was obligated to do.  She helped keep us calm and sane in a time when fear could have easily gotten the better of us. I can't imagine the birth of our daughter without Rebecca being there." 

- Tara, Patrick & baby Hazel

"From the dad’s point of view, having Rebecca as our doula was really important for two main reasons.  First the obvious: she kept us on track to deliver naturally, she instilled confidence in us during the process, and was there for input on decisions when anything came up.  But second, and more of a subtlety: her presence and the way she carried out the first part allowed me to focus more intently on directly supporting my wife and remaining engaged with her as she pushed our baby out with no meds." 

- Raquel, Mike & baby Issac

"Rebecca wasn't just there for us on the big day, but also the weeks leading up to it.  Our initial consultation and two prae visits never felt rushed.  Rebecca is patient, warm, and professional.  She was a calming presence during a stressful and uncertain period in our lives. Rebecca brought the ideal blend of scientific reasoning and emotional support to our experience.  I never felt a hint of judgment coming from her and she was always clear that it wasn't about her -- she was there to support us. While I was in labor, Rebecca was amazing.  She encouraged my husband to take a break that he desperately needed (he had been awake for almost 24 hours at that point) and stayed with me, getting drenched while I labored in the shower.  During the pushing stage, she did lots of little things to help me simultaneously relax and be more efficient.  She helped turn an experience that was physically demanding into something magical."

— Ilana, Seth & baby Talia