Brave Birth Portland Doula Services


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Birth services

Our birth doulas are professionally trained to support families during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. They offer physical support and evidence-based information so you can make informed decisions along the way.


Every birth doula package includes

  • Physical, emotional, and informational labor support for you AND your support partner.

  • Up to two hours of immediate postpartum support and feeding initiation assistance.

  • 1-2 postpartum visits to ease your transition into parenthood.

  • Six weeks of postpartum phone and email support.

  • Complimentary attendance at our weekly New Parent Groups.

  • 24/7 on-call support services from 37-42 weeks (earlier if there is a preterm labor concern).

  • 2-3 prenatal appointments (90 min in length) focused on preparation for labor and postpartum, tailored to your unique needs.

  • Assistance with the completion of a birth plan (birth preferences).

  • Attendance at our Family Bonding Series and Mindful Nest Childbirth Education classes at a reduced rate.

  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to our extensive network of Brave Birth back-up doulas.

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Postpartum care

Postpartum doulas help create a smooth transition for your family as you settle into your “new normal”. This can -and will- look different for every family. Some families only need short term care in the first days after coming home, while others will benefit from on-going postpartum doula care for months after birth. Our postpartum doulas are experts at helping you determine where your needs lie.


Brave Birth Postpartum Doulas Provide:

  • Answers to all your newborn questions.

  • Help with basic breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

  • Hands on help with infant soothing techniques.

  • Facilitation of recovery and healing after birth.

  • Info on how to use all that baby gear you bought.

  • Help with setting up systems in your home to help smooth transitions.

  • Light household chores and cooking.


  • Complimentary attendance at our weekly New Parent Groups.

We’ve created some Postpartum Doula Care Packages
to further simplify your postpartum planning!


More Services

In addition to doula care, members of the Brave Birth Collective offer a variety of supportive services for families during the childbearing year



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prenatal massage