Our purpose is to support the whole family, from educating and planning, to emotional support for you and your birth partner. Your Doula is available to support the unique needs of your pregnancy, labor & postpartum experience.

Some key benefits of having a Doula are:

Relieve Stress

Stepping into the unknown of pregnancy and postpartum can be overwhelming. Your Doula has the unique opportunity to be your trusted guide.  They bring an intuitive tool kit.  

Continuous Support

Through the power of comfort touch and active listening your Doula provides an anchor of calm. They fill the unanticipated need for the birthing person and their partner. They're always there, committed and on-call. 


As a walking encyclopedia of childbirth education, your Doula is there every step of the way, a wealth of information to access at any stage of pregnancy, labor and postpartum.    

meet The Brave Birth Doulas


We believe a Doula can be a key team player in the birth process. Each of our affiliated Doulas brings a unique set of experiences and expertise to our community.  They serve families in the Portland, Vancouver and all surrounding areas. 

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Our client's needs span the spectrum of fertility support. We meet those needs by placing a high priority on establishing trusting relationships and providing an open and affirming space for everyone to gather.  

Safe Space

Providing a true safe space for our clients and our Doulas is what is most important. This space respects all aspects of people, including race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, religion, and ability.