Our Mission

We believe in honoring and supporting the whole Doula, her professional work, her family and her spirit. We do this in a group model, where we are members holding each other in a supportive collective.  By fostering this community and mentorship for ourselves we reinforce this in our clients.  By taking care of the Doula, we are taking the best care of the client.  We believe in wrap around care and creating the most seamless transition into parenthood. 


At a quaint little coffee shop in Portland's Clinton neighborhood, two Doulas started a beautiful courtship...

Over sips of coffee and bouts of laughter, we soon saw in each other the same effervescence and aspirations. We walked away from that moment and couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities. 

We had initially just met, as we were both in the Mother Tree Birth Doula internship. But for some reason we hadn't made a deep connection until that day.  

After what seemed like an eternity, each of us separately flirting with the idea of working together, we "popped the question" and began to dream together. And the small little flame that was created on that Spring day became a great forest fire in our life.

We decided to co-Doula a birth together for fun and to see what each other was made of. It's rare that Doulas get to see each other in action and we were thrilled to have this opportunity.  It was in the wee hours of the early morning, when our client was getting some much needed rest, that Brave Birth Doula Care was born.  

Since that day it has grown into a beautiful body of work that we continue to water and sow patiently and with so much love.  In this life, it's such a gift to find a career that you are passionate about and the fact that we get to serve together, well, that leaves us just a little bit speechless. 

We are forever grateful for everyone who has supported us along the way. Our families. Our Doulas. Our friends.