Our Mission

Brave Birth believes in creating sustainability of profession for our Doulas. We respect the needs they have for themselves and their families. We achieve this work/life balance through a group model of membership in which we collectively promote, mentor, and support one another. By creating community for ourselves, we create a supportive community for our clients.

Our Leadership

We like to think we're the luckiest team around, not only because we respect and love one another, but because all of us bring our unique strengths and passions to this work, which creates the solid foursquare foundation upon which the Brave Birth community is built and nurtured. Nicolette Wessling is the owner of Brave Birth and the brilliant brainchild behind its innovative approach and future directions. Beth Keenan has been with our community since jump! Her administrative work and extraordinary people skills keep everyone smiling and cared for.

Our Membership Model

Unlike agencies that employ doulas as independent contractors and retain part of each birth or postpartum fee, Brave Birth is based solely on membership and there is a flat monthly fee that the doula pays to maintain membership. With this model, each doula adheres to Brave Birth's professional requirements, values, and ethics, but she runs her own business and prefers the autonomy of self-employment. We feel that this model offers the best of both worlds: the freedom and flexibility to create your own business while reaping all the benefits of a well-established and well-respected community of birth workers dedicated to supporting one another. If you’re interested in membership please send a resume and cover letter to hello@bravebirth.com.

How It All Began

kelly&nic pic.jpg

At a quaint little coffee shop in Portland's Clinton neighborhood, two doulas started a beautiful courtship. Over sips of coffee and bouts of laughter, Nicolette Wessling and Kelly Greblo soon saw in each other the same effervescence and aspirations. They walked away from that moment and couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities. Brave Birth Doula Care was born out of these humble beginnings and since that day it has grown into a beautiful community of support, respect, and love. We are forever grateful for the folks who have supported us along the way. Our families. Our friends. Our colleagues. And of course, our amazing clients.