Brave Birth Doula Care Family Benefits:

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  • Complimentary attendance to our Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Circles
  • Completion of a Birth Preference Worksheet- which then can be turned into a Birth Plan/Preference List that is specific to where you're choosing to birth.  Know all your options and be informed about the process! 
  • Continuous processing of challenges/triumphs you're facing in pregnancy via phone or email
  • Offering of up to date childbirth education and community referrals 
  • Guided support and preparation for the support person so they feel comfortable and confident in their role
  • Discounts on Prenatal Education 
  • Back-up network of all Brave Birth Doulas
  • As-needed coping techniques and labor positions practice 
  • On-call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks 
  • Continuous labor support until baby arrives and up to two hours postpartum to help with general breastfeeding and settling in
  • Offer of 1-2 postpartum visits to process the birth and offer any community referrals 

Investment of Services:

  • Our Doulas range in experience/number of years practicing and their fee for services reflects that
  • The more experienced the Doula, the higher the investment
  • You can expect to find the range of investment to be $1,100-1,800 for Birth Doula Care
  • You can expect to find the range of investment to be $35-45/hr for Postpartum Doula care
  • Some Doulas offer sliding scale to those in honest need-- they will typically note that on their bio/contract
  • Most Doulas offer payment plans to fit the family's needs-- however the traditional format is half of the investment due at the time of contract signing and half due at the first postpartum visit

Brave Birth Doula

A birth doula helps the birthing person or couple through the process of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. The doula offers emotional and educational support, and is a constant throughout the labor process. Leading up to childbirth, the Doula can help the birthing person or couple prepare and plan, and offer guidance and aid when plans need to change. During childbirth, the doula's role is to support in every way possible through comfort touch, guidance, encouragement and all the while working together with their support person and care providers.  

Brave Birth Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum doula’s support begins after birth and ends around three months of age. They offer a non-judgemental and supportive shoulder during the often sensitive and sometimes challenging postpartum period.  They possess extensive knowledge about newborns, feeding, soothing, healing after birth (vaginal or cesarean), and how to settle into your “new normal”.