Nicolette Wessling
Birth & Postpartum Doula,
Brave Birth Owner & Founder

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Nicolette is professional, compassionate, educational, and hilarious. I couldn’t recommend her enough and I’m so thankful she’s forever going to be part of our birth story.
— Damiana, Alexander & baby Felix
Very soon after delivering our son, we turned to each other and said, ‘Hiring Nicolette was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made’.
— Danielle, Nolan & Baby Devlin
She managed to help us find joy and laughter during the hardest and most painful of contractions! I always felt listened to, never judged and always loved.
— Alice, Scott & Baby George
When I think back to the birth of my daughter, I still get feelings of immense joy, confidence, and inner strength—and I credit so much of that to our doula, Nicolette.
— Bethany, Sean and Baby Anne


As your doula, my sincere hope is that you feel continuously held throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. I recognize that this is a unique experience for each family. I believe birth is a wonderfully wild road-- and desire to equip you with the tools you need to walk it. 

As your doula I hope to provide a grounding force and a steady constant for your whole family. It is an absolute joy to attend and support families as they welcome their sweet babe into the world. 

I often use appropriate doses of humor if the mood could use some lightening up! I am a nurturer by nature and it reflects predominantly in hands-on physical support by myself or from what your labor support has gleaned from our time together.

I see my role in the birth room as a guide. I will listen, respect and honor the choices you feel are best for your body and baby, while helping you zoom out to see the bigger picture.

I believe in informed consent and will help you navigate the risks/benefits of the options you may be presented with. I will help you find your questions for your providers and create space to process any non-emergent decisions.

As your doula I provide a walking encyclopedia of childbirth at your fingertips. I strive to make you feel comfortable and safe in every stage of your labor. If interested, I offer my families mindfulness/guided centering techniques to practice throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I place a high priority on making sure your birth partner feels confident in their role.  This is a shared experience and it is important to me that each family member is honored, heard and supported. Deepening that bond you have with each other is my priority. 

experience & relevant education

When I'm not building community within birth work, I am running around in the woods with my little dog, paddling down a river, belting out terrible pop music, working on my tiny house and trying to make the world a bit sweeter by eating too many cookies. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my story. I look forward to hearing yours. 


Birth Doula Fee:  $2000

Postpartum Doula Fee:  day $40/hour (3 hour minimum)
                                           night $37/hour (8 hour minimum)

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"I had never thought about using a Doula before.  Even though my first child was born at home. With my second pregnancy I had more doubts and anxiety. I knew that I needed support and I was very intrigued about what a Doula could offer as I welcomed my second baby earthside. Nicolette was a God sent blessing and answer to my prayers! I was instantly at peace the first time we met.  I knew that I wanted her to be a part of my birth team. I hired her late in the pregnancy and she was more than willing to come be by my side. During labor and upon arrival to the birth center she was there, ready to support in any way I needed- from sips of water, to encouraging words and comforting touch. The hardest and most memorable moment of my birth hit me like a ton of bricks. I yelled "I can't do this!" Nicolette held my face looked me right in the eye and ever so lovingly said "Yes you can". That's all I needed to hear and I am so thankful for that special moment. My little guy will be one year old tomorrow and I am just getting to write this review! The memories are still fresh and as I think about his birth and all the people who were there for me, especially Nicolette!"

-Kimberly S. 

"I was a multisport athlete growing up and Nicolette was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.  Just like any great coach, she helped us game plan through the pre-season and got us ready for the big game.  She led my wife and I through techniques that helped us understand what it meant to be connected during this wonderful time in our lives.  To comprehend on a deeper level what an awesome journey we were on and how to cope with what we would be a day we would never forget.  Nicolette’s experience as a doula was more than apparent.  She anticipated my wife’s every need.   She spoke the lingo with the hospital staff.  Multiple nurses and the doctor who delivered us even commented on how great our birthing team was.  All thanks to Nicolette.  I don’t think I ever asked her for a single thing.  She could read my face.  She knew when she needed to step in and she knew when to stand aside.  She coached us all on how to help be supportive of my wife and keep her comfortable.  Not to mention, she looked out for me.  

If Nicolette hadn’t been there, would my son still have been born?  Yes.  Yet, it wouldn’t have been the same experience.  My wife and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.  Nicolette offered guidance and clarity and that translated into confidence and our ability to enjoy such an incredible experience to the fullest." 

Bernie B. 


"Very soon after delivering our son, we turned to each other and said, “Hiring Nicolette was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made”.  And we still feel that way many months later.  Nicolette has a deep passion and general love for helping families bring their little ones into this world and it shows through in everything she does.  Her calming presence and nurturing personality was just what we needed throughout the birthing experience.  It can be chaotic and very emotional, but Nicolette helped us process everything that was happening in such a peaceful manner.   At times the medical staff threw a lot of information our way, but she helped explain it all in such a succinct and clear way and also had no problem being our advocate for what we wanted.  We recommended her to our friends, who in turn hired her, and we would do the same for anyone.  We are so happy that Nicolette was with us on our birthing journey!"

Danielle, Nolan & Baby Devlin

"Our birth was long and hard, but never stressful or scary and we have Nicolette to thank for that. Her calming presence, honesty, endurance and strength made our hospital birth so warm and loving - she even managed to help us find joy and laughter during the hardest and most painful of contractions! I always felt listened to, never judged and always loved.  An absolute professional, she is incredible and worth every single penny.  Brave Birth Doulas has been such an incredible resource and lifeline for us in the months after welcoming our son into the world and becoming a family. We are so blessed to have Nicolette and all the other doulas in our life and my only regret is that I don't get to see them every day."

— Alice, Scott & Baby George


"When I think back to the birth of my daughter, I still get feelings of immense joy, confidence, and inner strength—and I credit so much of that to our doula, Nicolette. She has this calm, soothing voice that makes you feel at peace, even in the midst of intense pain. She offers reassurance right when you need it, supports you in your decisions along the way, and empowers you to see the beauty in the birth experience. I am 100% convinced that I would not have had an un-medicated birth without her help. I’ve already recommended her to friends. Every mom deserves a Nicolette by her side during labor!”

Bethany M.


"On hearing from my wife that she wanted a Doula to attend and participate in her birth I was hesitant. I felt that my duties as a husband would be overshadowed by the presence of another woman, that I would become obsolete in the birth of my first child! However, with Nicolette this was not the case. In our first meeting with Nicolette she asked us to raise concerns, hesitations, fears, etc. that we had about the birthing process. I was given the chance to share my reservations and felt heard by Nicolette.  Having her during the labor and delivery and after was so crucial. We don't know how we could have got through it without her. Nicolette was such a peaceful presence through the whole thing. She was there when we needed her and was invisible when we needed intimate time. She was firm and took the lead and also let my wife go at her own pace, not trying to force anything. Having Nicolette assist our birth made it only more meaningful. Not only at the birth but after the fact when we needed some helpful during recovery time she gladly came over and helped babysit so we could both get some sleep. We both felt very taken care of in this way.  We hope she will someday assist in another birth of ours!"

Lucas T.