During the labor, Megan was a rock. She followed my lead and her presence allowed me to surrender to the experience.
— Marisa

Megan Peterson
Birth Doula & Yoga Therapist


(971) 678-4785

I can’t say enough good things about her beautiful spirit and I can’t wait to welcome our next baby, with Megan by our side.
— Kayley


I attended my first birth as a Doula in 2011. It was a profound experience that made my heart swell with wonder, and changed the course of my life. I have since made assisting families during pregnancy and birth my focus, and I truly love my work.  My goal as a Doula is to help you and your partner navigate the journey of pregnancy and birth with confidence and joy.  I am there as a support for you to listen to your unique story, desires and hopes.  My service includes helping the birthing person/families create a birth plan and learn about labor positions and support techniques specific for each individual. I also teach mindful awareness practices and prenatal yoga.  During labor and delivery I give compassionate support to the birthing person and their support person(s) through touch, information, comfort and even humor when appropriate.

Before becoming a birth Doula I completed a Bachelors degree in Latin American studies, spent time living in Mexico, Argentina and Kenya, and taught at a high school for immigrants and refugees. Impassioned to learn more about pregnancy and birth, I completed Doula training with Mother Tree Doula Services and Prenatal Yoga training through the Bhaktishop Yoga Center.  I am also a trained yoga therapist, and have studied mindfulness with leaders in the field. My practice of yoga and mindfulness have been vital for living intentionally and a great resource in my work.  I love sharing yoga and mindfulness tools with pregnant people to encourage awareness and openness for their journey through pregnancy and parenthood and its accompanying mental, emotional, physical and spiritual changes. Whether someone is trying yoga for the first time or already has an established practice, it is a unique and intimate way to experience one's relationship with oneself and one's baby. Prenatal yoga can help establish optimal fetal positioning and can be invaluable during labor.  I am so grateful to share such intimate, and life changing resources with my clients and am thrilled to work with the passionate, skillful Doulas of the Brave Birth community. 

When I am not doing birth work, I am sharing yoga around town, running in the forest, reading in bed, baking, dancing, giggling, taking photos of trees and traveling. 


Birth Doula Fee:  $2000 *includes yoga therapeutic sessions, click here for more info


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"Like many first-time mothers, I had big expectations regarding my pregnancy and child birth. Some dreams were more realistic than others, but in the end, I credit my work with Megan for helping me to create my perfect birth story. My journey with Megan helped to prepare me physically, mentally, and emotionally for labor. She was there through almost every stage, as my body grew and changed. During labor she was a rock for my husband, who was a little unsure of what to do at first. I can’t say enough good things about her beautiful spirit and I can’t wait to welcome our next baby, with Megan by our side.”


"I used Megan as my doula for the birth of my first child, October 2015. I couldn't have asked for a better coach and way to prep. I didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away by the knowledge she shared and the amount of resources she provided both before and after the birth. She met with me multiple times to get to know me, discuss the type of labor and delivery I'd like to have, and to do prenatal yoga and pelvic floor exercises.  I felt that I learned more about how I best deal with challenge and pain with her than I did during my child birth classes. If I had it to do all over again I would have skipped the classes and spent more time with Megan. After delivery we focused on repairing the body and discussing resources for new moms. If you are considering using a doula for assistance with natural pain coping techniques (breathing, mantras, images) I'd highly recommend using Megan. If you're like me, you'll walk away with much more than your expected." 


"For me, the journey through pregnancy was just as important as the labor and delivery. I knew that this would likely be my only baby and I wanted pregnancy to  be a time of reflection, gratitude and self-love.  I met Megan several years prior when she taught at my neighborhood yoga studio, and was instantly drawn to her sincerity, humility and playful spirit.  Throughout my second and third trimester, Megan and I had weekly prenatal yoga sessions. I listened to my body and Megan listened to me, and together we crafted sessions that left me feeling centered and confident. During the months leading up to my due date, she became a confidant whose thoughtfulness and wisdom helped me to fully realize my birth plan.  During the labor, Megan was a rock. She followed my lead and her presence allowed me to surrender to the experience. With her assistance, I was able to deliver my healthy baby girl with no medical interventions. At my request during our initial meetings, Megan also took pictures of my baby girl moments after she was born—pictures that I will forever cherish!  I am so thankful that Megan was with me during the most exhilarating moment in my life and in the months leading up to it. I would recommend her to any mama who wants to incorporate yoga into their pregnancy or simply wants a strong woman by their side as they welcome their new baby into the world."