Kelley Burke
Birth Doula, Massage Therapist,
Pelvic Floor Therapist

(503) 880-5201

We cannot thank Kelley enough for her amazing support, guidance, patience and all her special touches through the wild adventure in welcoming our sweet baby into the world. We thank her so much for being with us on this journey.
— Doula client J+N


I am proud and honored to work with women as a Birth Doula, massage therapist, and holistic pelvic care provider. I believe the best care is the result of a holistic, whole-person approach, and have grown as a professional with this in mind.

Supporting women and their families has been my life path for over 25 years. After graduating from massage school in 1997, I sought to discover as much as I could about the body’s physiology before, during, and after pregnancy. In 2001, I began attending births as a Doula, which satisfied my curiosity for all things childbirth related.

After supporting hundreds of births—and gaining a great understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of childbirth—I was ready to explore the clinical side. In 2007, I started my midwifery training, and since that time I’ve attended over 500 births.

Most recently, I’ve sought out specialty training in holistic pelvic care to provide expecting and new moms even greater support. My reasons for adding this modality were simple: for years I’d observed a significant gap in the obstetric and midwifery model of care around  how women were evaluated and treated after birth at their 6-8 week postpartum visit. I’ve incorporated this training  with my massage therapy background and midwifery experience, to gain a deeper understanding of  what’s happening for women in their bodies. My goal is to  work with women in ways that resonate with their personal lifestyle and energy to move towards recovery and long term wellness.

On the personal side, I’m a Portland native, the mother of two young boys, and wife to an awesomely talented artist. When I’m not working with families, I enjoy impromptu dance parties  with my family and dreaming up ways to refurbish our 1920’s Portland home.


Birth Doula Fee:  $1900


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My heart swells with gratitude when I think of the supportive care I have received from Kelley. Most recently I had a postpartum massage in my home just a few days after giving birth. Kelley knows birth so well that it felt like she was gently putting my body back together - she knew every muscle that would be sore and made me feel so comfortable during that tender postpartum period. I've used her placenta encapsulation services before as well, which was such a seamless experience for me following the birth of my babies. Every woman deserves the compassionate care that Kelley offers - it just makes the process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that much gentler.

Massage (and placenta medicine) client R.W.