Jen Berryman
Birth Doula & Birth Photographer


She captured the most incredible moments between my husband, myself, our newborn, my daughters, and my support team.
— Brave Family


As your Doula, I have a quiet, grounded presence that promotes comfort and open communication. I draw from my varied experiences in the birth space. I function as a bridge between each member of the birth team to foster communication and teamwork so that everyone is at their best to support you. I provide judgement free, evidence based information to help you and your partner feel supported and empowered in your choices, as well as to provide a sense of safety and normalcy to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I can help bring comfort with relaxation, positioning, acupressure, music therapy and other techniques.

Called to support birthing families from as early as I can remember, I began my path as a labor and delivery nurse. For 12 years I had the honor of witnessing over a thousand births in all its many forms, and developed a deep respect for all the many ways families are formed.

For my own births, I began in the hospital with my first son. After much research and because I was low risk, I decided to have my next two babies at home. I believed in myself, the birth process, and my birth team. All of these experiences helped me understand what it meant to feel seen, heard and empowered in birth. As your Doula, I hope to provide the same.

Birth asks you to have a balance of believing in your instincts and surrendering to that which you cannot control. I understand firsthand the importance of surrounding yourself with people who fully support you in a positive and respectful way. It is this level of support that I strive to bring to you.  

When I'm not with birthing families as a Doula or birth photographer, I like to muck about in nature and go exploring with my husband and three children, knit, travel, and have impromptu jam sessions around our antique player piano.

Birth Fee: $1800 (include choice of maternity, birth, or newborn photography session)

Birth Photography Only: For clients desiring professional documentation of their birth story, I also offer birth story photography (link - learn more here)

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"During my labor she was very respectful of my space. She was so quiet you would not have even known she was there. However, as things intensified at the end, knowing she was a labor nurse, and she had also experience unmedicated births, her presence was comforting. She encouraged me by acknowledging my feelings. She captured the most incredible moments between my husband, myself, our newborn, my daughters, and my support team."

— Brave Family