Brave Birth Class Descriptions

Pregnancy Preparation

mindful nest: Childbirth Education (two 4.5-hour classes)
taught by
Nicolette Wessling & Megan Peterson

Mindful Nest Childbirth Education covers all of the information you’d receive from a traditional childbirth education class, from the comfort of a living room setting. Whether birthing at home, in the hospital or next to a baby deer in the woods— Mindful Nest offers techniques for the whole family to reduce stress and anxiety around the childbearing years.



  • Lay the groundwork for mindfulness practices

  • Increase your ability to cope with discomfort with practical tools that fit into everyday life

  • Functional movement in pregnancy & preparing the pelvis for birth

  • Navigate new household challenges and joys, while staying connected to yourself & your family

Early Labor:

  • Learn the stages of dilation/effacement and the variations of normal

  • Recognize the emotions & physical sensations common in this stage

  • How to create a birthing environment that’s supportive of your family’s needs

Active Labor & Birth:

  • Address fears & create individualized pathways for Relaxation- Comfort- Confidence

  • Learn about the role and importance of hormones in labor

  • Establish trust in your clinical care team

  • Transition & the birth of your baby 

The 4th Trimester (Postpartum):

  • Understand & meet the needs of your family’s new normal

  • Access your internal tool kit to ride the waves of new parenthood

  • Recognize your baby’s transitions from womb to world & how to best support them

This class includes a mix of lecture, discussion, media, movement and relaxation techniques. It is ideal for anyone who is either birthing or supporting the labor of a loved one.

Cost: $200 per couple.

childbirth education one day workshop
taught by Kelly Greblo

Whether you are planning an in or out of hospital birth you will benefit from attending our one-day childbirth education workshop intensive. You can come to discuss your questions and curiosities about labor and birth, build confidence in your body's ability, and have time together with your partner/support person for hands-on practice for your labor. Different aspects of the birth process will be discussed, some breastfeeding and postpartum basics, as well as pain relief options, relaxation techniques, and routine policies and practices that you can expect at your chosen place of birth.

$155 for community families OR $145 for Brave Birth Families

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $10 off if registered a week prior to the start date

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Brave Labor Positions

One 2-Hour Class, taught by Kelly Greblo
Labor and birth require a lot of physical and mental preparation. As you get ready for your upcoming birth, you will want to have a variety of comfort measures and coping techniques in your labor toolbox so that you and your support team can be as prepared as possible. Learning helpful labor positions and strategies to promote labor progress will allow your body to work with your baby toward a safe and healthy birth. Prepare yourself and receive guidance on how to prepare your team to support you!

$55 for families OR $45 for Brave Birth families
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Pelvic Floor Health: Holistic Self-Care Workshop

One 2-Hour Class, taught by Megan Peterson
This workshop offers a safe, supportive space to meet with other postpartum or pregnant parents interested in learning more about their pelvic floor health. Topics we will cover: 1. Basic anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, 2. What to expect after pregnancy and birth, 3. Accessible exercises and life style modifications to incorporate for improving pelvic floor function. Common concerns addressed include general pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, pain with sex, low back and hip pain.

$35 per person OR $25 for Brave Birth Families
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Postpartum Preparation

Brave Babe Care

One 3-Hour Class, taught by Kelly Greblo
Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, we invite you to brush up on the basics of caring for your new babe(s)! We'll chat about everything from bonding to swaddling, diapering to safe sleep. Gain confidence in your new role, spend time with other parents, and gather with your Brave Birth Doulas!

$85 for families OR $75 for Brave Birth families
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $5 off if registered by one week prior to start date
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Brave Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding

One 3-Hour Class, taught by Kelly Greblo
Surprisingly, about three quarters of postpartum families have breastfeeding/chestfeeding challenges. This three hour course will discuss the basics of breastfeeding/chestfeeding, nursing positions, the early days of breastfeeding/chestfeeding, breast/chest pumps, pumping for your baby, and more. The breastfeeding/chestfeeding relationship between a family and their child is an experience to be treasured. Join us and bring your questions, concerns, and curiosities around breastfeeding/chestfeeding and we will explore how to navigate the sometimes tricky postpartum world of feeding your baby.

Please bring a baby-sized doll/stuffed animal to class, thank you!
$95 for families OR $85 for Brave Birth families
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $5 off if registered by one week prior to start date
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Becoming Us AFTER BABY

Four 2-Hour Classes taught by Barb Buckner Suarez
The Becoming Us AFTER Baby series has been specifically designed to address the challenges that new parents are already facing as they’ve been thrust into parenthood with less than ideal preparation and support. They’re wanting to do more than just survive parenthood, they want to build a family that thrives. In these classes you’ll discover… how to manage the unexpected, ways to support your whole family as you move through this huge life transformation, routines that will support you, your partner and your growing baby’s health and well-being, how to better adjust to your new normal, how to baby-proof your relationship, do conflict well, and connect and reconnect through your life-long parenting journey! You may have taken childbirth and breastfeeding classes to prepare for your baby — but have you prepared your relationship for this transition from couple to family? Barb Buckner Suárez is one of the first Health Educators in the world to be offering these group classes! She’s been teaching them as a pilot program through Legacy Health System since April 2017, and now she’s also stepping into the community in order to increase the availability and awareness of this most important work. Click on any of the dates below to register for either the BEFORE or AFTER baby classes. Please note: the BEFORE classes are intended for those parents who are either expecting a baby, or are in the process of becoming parents for the first time. The AFTER classes are intended for those couples already parenting. I have had brand new parents as well as parents of toddlers attending these AFTER classes. Quiet babes in arms are welcome to attend. I look forward to working with you! (Cost of the class includes a copy of the book, Becoming Us, and all other class materials.)

$195 for families OR $175 for Brave Birth families
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Yoga & Movement Classes

Prenatal Yoga

Classes taught by Megan Peterson at The People’s Yoga & Ready, Set, GROW
Yoga, pregnancy and birth weave together so beautifully! Prenatal yoga classes allow space to embrace the mental, emotional and physical changes that accompany pregnancy. Classes will include time to connect with other pregnant people, effective core strengthening to support the changing pregnant body, postures that can aid in optimal fetal positioning and will conclude with restorative poses for deep rest.  The skills learned from one's practice can be invaluable during labor and for the journey ahead. This class is for all levels of yoga experience.

Doula Continuing Education Classes

Doula-ing the Doula: A Self-Care Workshop for Birth Workers

One 2-Hour Class taught by Megan Peterson
This workshop, led by Brave Birth Doula & Yoga Therapist, Megan Peterson, will offer birth workers a space to give back to themselves. Birth work can be joy-filled, shockingly beautiful, awe-inspiring and also challenging, unpredictable and tiring. This workshop will cover the following: 1. Movement & mindfulness practices to reduce strain on the body during a birth, 2. How to utilize these practices with the birthing person during labor, 3. Nervous system regulation, 4. A full restorative yoga practice to connect and recharge. These simple techniques can be utilized in regular life to support the doula with on-call life and birth timelines.

$35 per person
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