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MindfulNest Childbirth Education

This is a two day class (6/22 & 6/23) that will be held at 4003 NE Grand Ave.

MindfulNest is a childbirth education series led by Nicolette and Megan. The techniques learned in this class have the ability to reduce anxiety & stress, contribute to a healthy pregnancy, increase connection in your family, reduce pain during labor, enhance your immunity and improve child outcomes.


Pregnancy: Build your nest! In preparing for the arrival of your babe, often you hear about nesting in your home, but what about nesting in your body?

  • Lay the groundwork for mindfulness practices

  • Increase your ability to cope with discomfort with practical tools that fit into everyday life

  • Functional movement in pregnancy & preparing the pelvis for birth

  • Navigate new household challenges and joys, while staying connected to yourself & your family


Early Labor: Your egg is about to crack! Anchor into the unknowns of early labor. As the arrival of your babe draws closer, what can you do as a household to gain confidence and prepare for the unfamiliar terrain of early labor?  

  • Learn the stages of dilation/effacement and the variations of normal

  • Recognize the emotions & physical sensations common in this stage

  • How to create a birthing environment that’s supportive of your family’s needs



Active Labor & Birth: It takes a village to hatch an egg! Find calm and confidence during active labor and the birth of your baby.  The energetic atmosphere of your chosen place of delivery can directly impact your birth experience.  How can you implement the tools you’ve practiced to set the tone for a supportive atmosphere?

  • Address fears & create individualized pathways for Relaxation- Comfort- Confidence

  • Learn about the role and importance of hormones in labor

  • Establish trust in your clinical care team

  • Transition & the birth of your baby


The 4th Trimester (Postpartum): Nest into the Fourth Trimester! Create support systems within your family and friend circles in order to promote self-care.  Turns out they were right... taking care of baby IS A FULL TIME JOB.  The identity of parenthood does not overshadow who you are as a person in the world.  Creating space for your continued growth as an individual is paramount to your well-being as a parent.

  • Understand & meet the needs of your family’s new normal

  • Access your internal tool kit to ride the waves of new parenthood

  • Recognize your baby’s transitions from womb to world & how to best support them

This class includes a mix of lecture, discussion, media, movement and relaxation techniques. It is ideal for anyone who is either birthing or supporting the labor of a loved one.

Cost: $200 per couple.

HSA reimbursement via superbill


Earlier Event: June 17
Parent Support Circle (0-6 months)
Later Event: June 23
MindfulNest Childbirth Education