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HypnoBirthing® (5 week series)- With Lori Reising

HypnoBirthing® is as much a philosophy as it is a technique with a gentle view of childbirth taking the stance that both mom and babes bodies were made to birth and that they work together in harmony.  Through practiced deep breathing, visualization, prompts from partners, labor comfort measures and childbirth education, our moms are often able to birth in much greater comfort and calm, bringing birth back to the joyful and transformative experience that it is.  You learn how to work with your body's unique birthing rhythm in a more relaxed environment and manner, supporting the natural hormonal cascade that baths both mom and baby throughout birth and into the postnatal period.  We may see shorter labors, a reduction in pain associated with birth, an increase in breastfeeding rates, a decrease in postpartum depression and a smooth transition for the whole family into the 4th trimester.    

"If a woman feel that she made her own best decisions for her particular circumstance, no matter how the birth then plays out, she has an easier postpartum period.  If her baby is more easygoing and nurses better, which HypnoBirthing babies tend to be and do, it makes it easier on mom and partner.  When a mother-baby is immersed in the ecstatic birthing hormones that nature provided, it seems easier for everyone, and moms seem transformed and empowered."  Kim Wildner

Cost: $350 for the entire five week series

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Later Event: April 11
Parent Support Circle