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MindfulNest Childbirth Education (one day intensive)

July 28th 9:00am-5:00pm


Mindfulness is described as maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment in a non-judgemental manner. How might you find that practice helpful in the family years?

When practiced for an average of six weeks-- the techniques learned in this class have the ability to reduce anxiety & stress, increase connection in your family, improve child outcomes, reduce pain during labor, contribute to a healthy pregnancy and enhance your immunity. Skeptical? Let me drop some science on you.

In this class we will explore different mindfulness techniques that feel approachable to your individual learning style and level of comfort:

Materials Covered:

1. Pregnancy

  • Lay the groundwork for mindfulness practices
  • Increase your ability to cope with discomfort with practical tools that fit into everyday life 
  • Navigate new household challenges and joys, while staying connected to yourself & your family

2.  Early Labor

  • Learn the stages of dilation/effacement and the variations of normal
  • Recognize the emotions & physical sensations common in this stage
  • How to create a birthing environment that’s supportive of your family’s needs

3.  Active Labor & Birth:

  • Address fears & create individualized pathways for Relaxation- Comfort- Confidence
  • Learn about the role and importance of hormones in labor
  • Establish trust in your clinical care team
  • Transition & the birth of your baby 

4.  The 4th Trimester: 

  • Understand & meet the needs of your family’s new normal
  • Access your internal tool kit to ride the waves of new parenthood 
  • Recognize your baby’s transitions from womb to world & how to best support them

This class includes a mix of lecture, discussion, media, movement and relaxation techniques. It is ideal for anyone who is either birthing or supporting the labor of a loved one.  

Cost: $175 for community families AND $195 for Brave Birth families.

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