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Birth Doula

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Of all the things we did to prepare for the birth of our daughter, none was as valuable as hiring Brooke.
— Morgan & Josh
I can’t say enough great things about Brooke! We would not have been able to manage an unmedicated birth without her guidance and support. She was cool and collected which kept my husband and me calm. My son’s birth was better than I ever could have imagined or hoped. Brooke is the best investment in my health to date.
— Paige & Paul


I’ve enjoyed supporting families through their childbirth journey since obtaining my doula certification in 1998. Since then, I’ve attended over 300 births in the Portland metro area, take great pleasure in working with expecting parents and growing families, and enjoy teaching the Labor Doula Workshops and Perinatal Psychology courses at Birthingway College of Midwifery. 

Shortly after becoming a certified doula, I pursued a career as a homebirth midwife and completed three years of midwifery training and apprenticeship before deciding that my real passion lay in supporting families through the special relationship formed with their doula. In 2008, I completed an M.A. in psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, and since that time I’ve also worked in private practice with a special interest in counseling focused on the emotions, concerns, and transitions that arise during the childbearing year. I now apply those years of specialized midwifery and counseling education to my doula work and take pride in being able to offer support on a variety of levels.

As a doula, I’ve worked in all the hospitals in the Portland metro area, enjoy working collaboratively with hospital staff, and feel confident in my ability to successfully support a variety of labor and birth experiences including: natural childbirths, epidural assisted births, vaginal births after cesarean section (VBAC’s), water births, home births, and cesarean births.

I welcome clients of all backgrounds, diversities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and family structures.

My Doula Philosophy

  • I believe in honoring the labor and birth experience as a transformative life event.
  • I believe there are as many ways to give birth as there are women in the world, and that a doula’s role is to encourage and unfold your distinct birthing style while offering complimentary suggestions and information.
  • I believe it’s a doula’s job to support and encourage the couple’s relationship before, during, and after the birth process so that their entry into parenthood is accompanied by a sense of teamwork and success.
  • I believe that every family is unique, and that a doula needs to understand and respect your family’s beliefs, preferences, communication styles, and coping techniques in order to provide you with the individualized care you deserve.
  • I believe that birth’s journey can sometimes be unpredictable and mysterious, and that a sense of openness, flexibility, and reverence may be needed.
  • I believe in informed consent and offer parents balanced information about the risks and benefits of procedures so that they can make well-informed decisions about what’s right for them.
  • I believe that all families deserve the additional support of a caring and knowledgeable Birth Doula, who will help them navigate the experience of labor and birth with greater ease and confidence.


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"I can't imagine going through a birth without a doula, and Brooke is a top notch one! My wife and I were looking for a doula who would be comfortable working with a same-gender couple, and Brooke expressed ease and comfort with us. She truly is oriented toward the couple, not just the birth mom, and we both felt incredibly supported through the entire experience. The tools she brings- her previous history as a midwife, her listening skills, her genuine compassion, her sense of calm, and even her photography skills were so appreciated. We had an unexpected C-section, and Brooke was wonderful at shepherding that event in a way that helped us come to terms with what was happening, and in the postpartum visits, to help us process and tell our story. I highly recommend her!" 

— Hilary & Jennie

"My husband and I both felt very supported through the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum by Brooke - both individually, as a couple and as a family. Not only is she very knowledgable in the field of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum, but her additional training and approach as a therapist makes her especially adept at understanding and supporting the emotional and psychological landscape of birth. In my experience, this inner aspect of pregnancy is as important as the physical, and Brooke helped us to navigate this terrain deeply, compassionately and knowledgeably. Brooke is a wonderful doula!"

 Elizabeth & Roman

"When we chose Brooke to be our doula, one of the reasons I leaned towards her was because I liked the way she connected with both my husband and me. I honestly thought he would need more support getting through our child's birth than me.Well, life works in funny ways. The birth plan we envisioned was turned upside down due to our baby being breech, so we went from preparing for a natural waterbirth to navigating a planned cesarean. I don't know what I would have done without Brooke's unflagging support, patience, accessibility and resourcefulness. Brooke was right by our side, making the experience far more tolerable and humane. She truly helped to make our birth experience the best it could possibly be, and we were blessed to have her in our corner."

— Hillary & Zach

"I knew early on that I wanted a doula, but I wasn’t sure if I could find one that would respect my decision to have an epidural. When I first spoke with Brooke, I was immediately relieved by her open, non-judgmental style, and I knew she was the doula for me and my partner. We created a detailed birth plan and talked about the best stage of labor to get an epidural and how to avoid interventions like pitocin and cesarean. We followed our basic plan and it worked! I had a normal vaginal delivery with the comfort of pain relief, which was just what I wanted! I’m so thankful to Brooke for her good counsel and guidance, and her help with breastfeeding and newborn care was also invaluable for us."

— Joanne & Kim

"Of all the things we did to prepare for the birth of our daughter, none was as valuable as hiring Brooke. During pregnancy, she answered all of our questions with ease and helped me accept and move through the intense thoughts and feelings that came up in me in those last weeks. Brooke’s words calmed and centered me during labor, and she intuitively knew what I needed each step of the way. She encouraged me and my husband to work together through contractions, and when we had to make a difficult decision, her knowledge and care made all the difference. She was an incredible source of strength and support for us, and we’re so happy she was there to help bring our daughter into the world."

Morgan and Josh

"My two experiences of childbirth were remarkable and empowering transitions. Brooke was my doula for both my sons’ births, and it’s impossible for me to recall the magic and amazement of delivering them without thinking of her too. Brooke’s endless patience with my endless questions, her sense of humor, compassion and respect, her confidence in my health and the health of my unborn sons, as well as her confidence in my ability to successfully deliver gave me so much comfort and belief in myself. Any family or woman who is able to work with Brooke during pregnancy and delivery will not only have second to none care, they won’t be able to imagine having the experience with anyone else."

 Polly & Patrick

"There is a peaceful, confident, and supportive aura about Brooke, and she is very knowledgeable and experienced. During prenatal visits, Brooke provided me with in-depth, unbiased information that allowed me to think through my options and make the right decision for myself and my baby. During the birth, there were some scary moments and Brooke was calming, reassuring and knowledgeable. She knew when to step in and when to stay in the background. She was politely assertive with hospital staff when I needed someone to speak up for me, and she had wonderful suggestions to ease the pain, help me relax, and be in the moment. I was also very happy with how Brooke included my husband and really encouraged us to be a team"

— Edith & Jeff

"Brooke was our doula for both our daughters’ births, and we cannot sing her praises highly enough! As our doula, Brooke provided support, reassurance, and encouragement, in addition to being able to interface with hospital staff collaboratively and helpfully. We are so grateful to have shared two of the most profound life experiences with Brooke, and should we be blessed with a third babe, we would welcome the opportunity to work with her again."

Lauren & Zach

"A true professional! I knew that I would hire her within the first 30 seconds, as she has an energy about her that is really incredible and warm. She was a tremendous source of strength for me when my due date came and went and I was extremely frustrated and had many decisions to make. During labor, Brooke's presence completely transformed my birth experience. Her calm and soft demeanor made every contraction more tolerable and I felt completely safe and cared for in her presence. As a nurse, it was of utmost importance to have a doula that worked well with the medical team and Brooke's professionalism and people skills allowed her to seamlessly mesh into the team. I will never have a baby without her."

Korie & Stu

"Brooke supported my husband and I during the birth of our son and we can't say enough good things about that experience. Brooke's insight and intuition about what might feel best, or connect my husband and I more deeply during the birth process, or what type of pain relieving techniques might be most useful was incredibly valuable. Her presence brought a sense of security and calm to the labor and birth. Brooke also provided such kind and helpful support in the weeks before and after the birth and continues to be a source of wisdom when I am looking for baby or post-partum info. We recommend Brooke's services to anyone for a home, birth center, or hospital birth and will certainly hire her again in the future."

Julie & Jeff

"We can't say enough about what an amazing doula Brooke was for us in the birth of our second child - an all-natural successful VBAC at OHSU. She helped us think and talk through so many issues ahead of time, especially processing some of our previous birth experience and providing a wealth of information and resources. Brooke was so good at listening and tailoring her support to our needs, fears, and desires ahead of time, and she played an absolutely critical role in labor and delivery. She provided exactly the support I needed, and her calm, encouraging, knowledgeable presence enabled me to have an altogether empowering birth experience. I feel so fortunate to have been able to have Brooke by our side through it all and can't recommend her enough!"

Ann & Zach