Beth Keenan
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Community Coordinator,
Brave Birth Leadership Team

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Beth brings with her a kind of warmth that is indescribable....
— Maria
...when I needed help, Beth was there…I was still getting used to being a new mom and with her help I became the mother I am now.
— Summer
Beth helped me face my daughter’s delivery feeling empowered and ready to navigate her birth as it unfolded. Beth’s calming presence and intimate knowledge of our plan was invaluable.
— Emilie


As a Birth and Postpartum Doula, I am honored to be a part of the unique community that parents choose to surround themselves with during this precious time. My intention is to help cultivate a safe space for you and your family to discuss your desires for your birth and postpartum experiences. I am dedicated to providing compassionate care for you and your whole village that is non-judgmental, culturally appropriate, and respectful. I look forward to exploring a variety of comfort measures and positions with you, attending to your special way of being before, during, and after you birth your baby. I wholeheartedly believe that you and your family deserve to feel confident and nourished during this tender time and would be overjoyed to be the person that serves you.  

My goal as your doula is to help you access your own strengths and intuition. While I have accompanied others on this journey before, your experience will be uniquely yours. As you share your hopes, desires, and fears with me, I then tailor my support towards your individual needs. Supporting your partner, whether a family member, dear friend, or significant other, is a vital component of my care for you. By suggesting comfort techniques, encouraging touch, and fostering connection between the two of you, I help your partner feel fully engaged and confident in their experience. I emphasize the importance of rest and self-care for both you and your support person throughout this whole journey. I also strive to facilitate connection between you and your health care providers, fostering a cohesive team that responds to your needs safely and compassionately.

I’ve always felt most comfortable, most myself when I’m in community caring for others. To further understand how we create community, I studied Sociology and Gender at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. I then served with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, which instilled in me values that I continue to strive towards in both my doula work and everyday life: simplicity, community, reflection, and social justice. My work as a doula is informed by my time as a case manager at a childbirth and parenting support program where I was blessed to walk alongside new parents as they experienced moments of immense vulnerability and empowerment. As my clients shared their birth and postpartum stories with me, I was sparked with the desire to learn more about the emotional, physiological, and spiritual aspects of a family’s transition to parenthood, and there my adventure towards becoming a doula began!

When I’m not swooning over new babies and families, you can find me nesting in our little home, baking yummy treats, or bopping around the city.

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I remember her gentle and encouraging words when I truly felt like I could not do it anymore. Beth was not only supportive and caring towards me, but was so mindful of my husband and others at my birth.
— Maria


“Beth is a beautiful rarity among people- I've not seen the like in genuine warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm for life and helping others.  Beth will make you feel like the most special person in the world, she has a way of easing your tensions and making it feel as though you are doing her a favor by letting her be there - such is her spirit of helping others, of caring about people. She is incredibly encouraging and helps you truly see your own strengths when it is so easy to doubt ourselves.  I always felt rejuvenated and beaming after a visit from Beth.  She has incredible energy and motivation to help to uniquely suit your needs - She helped me with everything from bringing light to my positive qualities, cooking delicious meals, heavenly foot massages, cleaning and organizing, finding resources and information that suited my needs, and the most nurturing care to my infant-  Beth came as a tremendous blessing for my family, which is just my baby girl and I- She made me feel like a queen that deserved to be served and pampered.  Beth has such a glowing warmth and love in her face and smile it makes you happy just to look at her. Beth LOVES babies- like nothing I've ever seen- she glows with delight while in their presence and has the most soothing voice and smile that would comfort the most fussy of wee ones.  I want to emphasize that anyone who is lucky enough to work with Beth is truly blessed!”

— Susie H.


“We were extremely lucky to have been referred to Beth, our Doula. She is very thoughtful and took a great deal of care to get to know my husband and I so that she could best support us as a couple and as individuals who tend to process things differently. Beth quickly and diligently worked to learn about what our idea of a great birth story would look like for the birth of our second daughter. She was always supportive of our family dynamic and helped us draft the birth plan that highlighted our strongest desires. Enlisting Beth's support gave us reassurance that we had many many tools in our toolkit.  Her positive, calming presence brought so much piece of mind to my last month of pregnancy. Beth helped me face my daughter's delivery feeling empowered and ready to navigate her birth as it unfolded.  Beth's calming presence and intimate knowledge of our plan was invaluable."