Victoria Becker
Birth and Postpartum Doula

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From the moment I met Victoria I knew I wanted her as my doula. Her presence is very calm and soft. The way she speaks, the way she moves, puts you at ease.
— Aimée M.
Victoria was so friendly and helpful to both the patient and myself. I really appreciated her presence.
— Nina S. (Labor & Delivery RN)


My goals as your Doula are simple. I want you and your family to feel cared for, heard, and empowered. I place a great value on the connection between you and your partner and I work to ensure that everyone is comfortable and involved at their desired level. In addition to my practical knowledge of birth and the postpartum period I am a calm, consistent presence and I hold no agenda other than to support your choices. I provide you with the information and care that will leave you feeling confident in your decisions. I also have a love for continuing education as a Doula and I make it a priority to never stop learning. I regularly attend trainings, seminars, and collaborate with other birth workers. Because of this commitment to learning, I am always able to provide my clients with the most up to date information and techniques.

From a young age I have had an admiration for birth work and over the years it has become a dedication to supporting families during the childbearing year. I completed my birth and postpartum Doula training through Mother Tree Doula Services. I extended my Doula training with a six-month internship which provided me with excellent learning opportunities and ample hands on experience. Throughout this internship I served a diverse client base. This strengthened my belief that everyone is deserving of kind, unbiased, judgment free support.

I was born in San Diego where I was raised by my grandmother and my great aunt. These two incredible women taught me how to care for others and their lesson is the foundation of my work as a doula. When I was in elementary school my family moved to Santa Barbara. I attended a small K-8 school with around 100 students, and this is where I met my husband. We spent many years enjoying coastal life before we made the move to Portland in 2015 to pursue continuing education. I have fallen in love with the lively community of birth workers here in Portland as well as the fact that I am never more than a few miles away from a lush green forest. In addition to my Doula work I attend Washington State University’s global campus with a focus on business administration and management. The knowledge that I gain through my studies shapes my standards of professionalism as a Doula. If I’m not actively working on something birth, baby, or business related then I’m most likely crocheting, cooking, or hiking.

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"I am so grateful that Victoria was with me for my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. During my pregnancy Victoria met with my husband and me several times, offering advice, and opening conversations about how we wanted our birth to go. She took my concerns seriously, offered advice, and helped guide meaningful conversations. I was so grateful she helped me to prepare a birth plan that captured my wants and needs ahead of time.  I had a very difficult labor, and Victoria was a light through the darkness. She exudes warmth and calmness amidst what can be a chaotic time. Her massage techniques were incredibly effective, and I felt like she really helped keep the atmosphere as soothing as possible. Ultimately, the doctors thought I needed to have a C-section. The doctors left the room, and Victoria, my husband, and I were able to discuss their recommendations, and ultimately decided to proceed with the surgery. There was never an ounce of judgment from her when I deviated from my “natural” birth plans. She had advice when I asked for it, and support when I made decisions. She was able to accompany my husband in the OR, and captured beautiful pictures of our daughter’s birth that I will treasure my entire life.  Thank you, Victoria, for helping me welcome my baby girl into the world. We are so grateful for all that you did for us."

-Melissa W.H.

“During my labor Victoria stayed calm and focused, she helped me stay calm as well. She knew when to step in and when to let others lead. She was professional and respectful towards everyone and it was so nice to have her familiar face in the room.”  

-Tessa E. 

"From the moment I met Victoria I knew I wanted her as my doula. Her presence is very calm and soft. The way she speaks, the way she moves, puts you at ease. That's exactly the feeling I wanted in my Birth room. And that's exactly the gift she gave to me.

- Aimée M.

“We were initially unsure if we needed a Doula but we are so glad we had Victoria with us. She was so incredibly helpful.”

- Trevor H.

“I am so thankful for all that Victoria did during my labor. Having a Doula was the best decision I made.”  

-Desiree G. 

“Victoria does great work supporting the laboring family!”

- Jessica C.