Meet our team of affiliated Doulas

Our group is made up of independent Doulas, each bringing a different essential element to Brave Birth. This means that while we are "Brave Birth" Doulas, we run our businesses individually and are financially separate from one another. We cherish the benefit of coming together in sisterhood, but prefer the autonomy of self-employment.  Visit our Benefits page to learn about the basic services and cost included in each package. 

How to pick a doula?

We encourage you to explore our affiliated Doulas' bios and testimonials in order to get a feel for which Doula you would like to contact.

  1. Explore the pages dedicated to our affiliated Doulas.
  2. Reach out (via the form at the bottom of each Doula's page) for answers to your questions and to set up free consultations.
  3. Meet the Doula and get to know her and how she runs her practice. Meeting multiple Doulas is usually the best way to insure a great fit.
  4. Hire your Doula!