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Birth and Postpartum Doula


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From the beginning Katy was a calming presence
— -Conor and Thalia
We always thought we could just do it ourselves, but having you there was so awesome!
— Maureen and Peter


As a family embarks on the journey of welcoming a new child to their home, the path of the birthing year is one that deserves comprehensive support and care. As a birth and postpartum Doula, I gratefully and joyfully offer an integral piece of support to the birthing families’ care team. I would be honored to be your Doula during this transformative time.

My passion is to offer the birthing family wide-ranging support as a doula prenatally, during labor, and postpartum as a non-clinical birthing expert. By facilitating an exploration of the emotional aspects related to welcoming a child and the physical birth process, I work with birthing families to come to a peaceful and grounded place where they can foster a positive and encouraging mentality to embark into parenthood with or begin to parent their growing family.

My goal is to provide a strong foundation for the birthing family through education, providing resources and offering emotional support so the family unit is positively anchored and fully prepared to welcome their new baby. As your Doula, I also offer a wide range of physical comfort and coping techniques for the labor process and postpartum recovery.

My role as a Doula is to facilitate the family unit working together to provide support for each other, I preserve the unique and special relationship the parents hold and offer companionship support or direct support as needed. Educating families about different aspects of the prenatal period, labor process, postpartum and breastfeeding period to be as healthy and well-supported as possible are some of my greatest passions. I enjoy facilitating the journey to be one that is well-informed, health driven, and empowering the mother, child and/or partner. I have worked alongside clinical staff as a Doula for some time and have found enjoyment in creating a balance and cohesive support team during the labor process, while promoting the birthing families desires and holding space for them so they may focus on their own birth journey, and collaborating respectfully with the care provider team.

As your Doula, I will guide you and support your family to be well prepared for the transformative and miraculous birth of your child during child-bearing year in a way that centers on vitality, empowerment, health, knowledge, love and a peaceful mindset.

I grew up in a small farming town and was exposed to the miracle of birth at a young age helping a variety of animals on family farms deliver their babies in the spring. I remember being fascinated by the birth, the mother’s care for her new baby, and the care we offered to the newborn to help them thrive. I went on to raise animals in 4-H and later have a vibrant pet care and house-sitting business in the Portland area as I have always been a natural nurturer. I received a degree from Linfield College in Religious Studies and Philosophy, and went on to work for several years in the non-profit field as I have always been drawn to a life of service to others. As I began to be close to those having children and helped co-parent two lovely girls as toddler for some time in a former partnership, I rediscovered my passion for birth work and helping others. I returned to Portland State University and completed the pre-nursing program while gaining my doula training and becoming a Doula volunteer at local hospitals. As I worked in the capacity of a Doula, I fell in love with the unique role of support a Doula offers a birthing family. 

In my free time I provide animal care for my long-time clients in the Portland area, have fun getting outside to enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, planting or weeding my ever growing garden, cooking or snuggling with my two cats over a book and warm cup of tea, advocating for different political, women’s rights, and environmental causes by volunteering, and enjoying cultural events or laughing with friends over dinner.


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“We were fortunate to have Katy Gray as our doula for the birth of our daughter. From the beginning Katy was a calming presence who walked us through every step of the process….during a time that was exciting but also chaotic, Katy served as a clear voice for two distracted first-time parents…and calmly advocated for a bit more time, and soon enough our daughter was born safely…We are so glad we had Katy with us throughout..”

–Conor and Thalia

“Whenever we tell our story, we always mention how helpful it was to have you there so that he and I could really be together during that time. We always thought we could just do it ourselves, but having you there was so awesome – you were supportive in ways we didn’t even know we needed! All that hard work was rewarded with such a beautiful boy!” 

-Maureen and Peter